See LVCK’s work during Open House NY on October 20th, reservations required. MBB designed the expansion of an existing building for Grace Church School in New York City, adding a new top floor structure for a double-height gymnasium and athletic center. The 14,000sf addition provides a variety of spaces for different physical activities and academic […]
Should modern digital-display signs be allowed to stand outside Brooklyn’s landmarked libraries? This is not a theoretical question. LVCK LLC, a design firm hired by the Brooklyn Public Library, has come up with a plan to install electronic signs outside five genteel century-old buildings whose construction was funded by famed philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.
The home of Clinton Hill’s “Hamilton” is getting a new marquee. Brooklyn Public Library wants to install brighter signs outside its Clinton Hill branch — best known for a storytime session that is so popular, parents compare it to the hit Broadway show — because the current ones are so dingy that passersby don’t even realize what […]
You don’t need retail savvy to sense the success of the two-year-old women’s shoe department on the second floor of Macy’s Herald Square. A consolidation of smaller, obscure shops scattered around the building, the 39,000-square-foot sales area offers an array of footwear from luxury to budget, arranged by type or brand in individual boutiques or […]
What awaits the tens of thousands of Central American children who flee on foot to the United States isn’t necessarily a happy life. It’s intolerance. It’s claims of disease and terrorism. And it’s lawmakers voting on legislation to kick them back to their native countries. But this week, a photo exhibit in the Kennedy Caucus Room in the Russell Senate building […]
When Chora was looking to produce a bespoke virtual mailer, they came to LVCK. The process took us through establishing the purpose and desired response, deciding on a theme, developing story content, then visuals. It came together with a great piece by Dave Brubeck, custom illustrations, and cheeky pairs of classic relationships. Watch here
200 years ago, Richmond, Virginia, was home to the largest slave penitentiary in the United States: Lumpkin’s Jail. The slave holding facility, also known at the time as “the Devil’s half acre,” held the title for more than twenty years and was a hub for the country’s slave trade. Two centuries on, and after much deliberation, […]
Belle Likover, a 92-year-old seniors advocate in Shaker Heights, Ohio, led the Ohio Department of Aging’s advisory council last year, and she is not easily deterred by government mumbo jumbo. Still, she struggled to understand the summary of payments she recently received from Medicare after a five-day hospital stay. “I don’t understand these codes,” she […]
In 2008, the United States Election Assistance Commission distributed guidelines created by professional designers to 6,000 local election officials. And recently, the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law issued a report outlining the importance of well-designed, easy to understand ballots. This document identifies common design problems found on optical-scan ballots from previous presidential elections and shows […]
As of today the death toll from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma stands at 151 and is likely to rise. Estimates are still murky, but experts predict combined totals in property losses might run up to $200 billion, though that is a conservative guess. Harvey, Irma, Sandy, Irene, Ike, Katrina, Wilma, Ivan, Charley and Andrew — we know […]